PSU Braided Extension Cable Set Black

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Universal Braided cable extensions with a dense weave braid for improved cable protection and looks

  • Can be used as extensions for any power supply
  • Allows easy swapping of PSUs
Cable Specifications
  • An ultra dense weave on the braid ensures that the cable is totally covered to both look good and protect the cable.
  • Each individual cable is wrapped in a luxurious ultra-dense weaved braid.
  • The cables are manufactured using the strictest standards to ensure each cable performs correctly.
  • Every connector is precision moulded to ensure the correct standards for the size and shape.
Please Note: The Cable Kits offered will include motherboard 24-pin 4/8-pin and GPU power extensions (If an SLI or Crossfire GPU configuration is selected cables will also be supplied for the second GPU)

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Manufacturer DinoPC
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