Price Match Policy

We wouldn’t call ourselves cheap, but we do aim to deliver the best value-for-money and be competitive when comparing like-for-like spec with a competitor. We purchase majority of our stock direct from the vendors we deal with in bulk quantity to obtain the lowest costs, passing on these savings to the customer.

If you have managed to find a cheaper quote elsewhere please contact us at, there’s a few things to bear in mind to understand whether the specification can be viewed as like-for-like and whether the after-sale service is of equivalent standard:

  • Is it a magazine group-test model? Some system integrators will submit a system for review with no profit margin added, to have an upper hand over the competition. We don’t subscribe to that philosophy, because selling a product and a service at cost is not a viable business strategy and would require extreme cost cutting measures, ultimately sacrificing quality of product and after-sale service.
  • Is it an eBay store or a "micro business” with less than 10 staff? There’s lots of smaller firms that can supply a fully-built PC, but they come and go, making it inherently risky as there’s always the chance they might not be around to support the warranty and provide a reliable service.
  • Are the components up to the same standard as ours? There are some cheaper components that we simply do not sell, as we find them to have a high failure rate. Then there are components sourced through unofficial "grey market”, which doesn’t help local economy or the industry and potentially having no UK warranty.
  • Is the warranty and after-sale service up to the same standard? At DinoPC we place great importance on the after-sale service, we offer 30 days money back guarantee and always go out of our way to exceed customer expectations.

In a nutshell, there’s a few things to consider to avoid higher costs and aggravation in the long run. If you believe the competitor’s quote still comes out on top, then do get in touch, we relish a challenge!

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