Morgz Fans Discount Code

Morgan Hudson aka. Morgz is an inspiration with a magical Youtube story of zero to hero! This time last year he had 30K subscribers and now his fan base has rocketed to 1.7 million followers, and growing at a ferocious pace, much like a velociraptor devouring it’s prey.

To help him further his rocketing Youtube career we have worked with Morgan to design an ultra-powerful machine that is unique to him, making him the envy of all his friends whilst giving him the arsenal to power through any video editing task.

So now he can truly live the dream! At DinoPC we are passionate about making great PCs that are not just powerful, but also affordable, reliable, and supported to the highest standard.

If you want to start your Youtube dream or want to take it up a level, we have a raft of systems starting from a measly £169, making it possible for anyone to own a DinoPC system. We have plenty of promotions going and now for a limited time only, you can use this special discount code for an extra 2% discount off anything:


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