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Which parts are used in your systems?

We only use major branded parts sourced from the manufactures directly or from official distributors. For some components, such as graphics cards and hard drives we don't state the make and model as this varies depending on the current stock. Hard drive brands we use can be either Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital or Samsung.

The prices and stock availability fluctuate regularly, therefore we cannot stick to one make or guarantee that a certain brand will be used.

What testing and quality control is carried out?

Every PC undergoes at least a 12-hour "burn-in" test prior to dispatch to make sure all computers are dispatched fully working. If an Operating System is purchased all drivers would be set up and the PC would be ready to run from the box. As part of our quality control process every custom PC is double-checked by another technician to make sure it is as per the order and a quality control sheet is enclosed with the order.

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are extremely competitive because we turnover a lot of computer equipment, and can pass on the savings whenever there's a price drop or a good deal from our suppliers. As an ecommerce business we can benefit from substantial cost savings compared to a retail operation by employing a direct and efficient business model.

Does my PC come with the manuals and CDs for the parts?

Every PC comes with original CDs and manuals for all the components used to assemble the PC. If an Operating System is purchased the original CD is supplied, not a recovery CD as supplied by some manufacturers.

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Do you offer buy now pay later scheme?

At the moment we do not offer credit, we require full payment prior to dispatch of your order. We accept PO orders from the public sector and approved accounts, please get in touch to go over your requirements.

Do you charge a credit card fee?

We do not impose fees for any payment method used. There are normally fees associated with processing card payments, which some retailers pass onto the customer, we absorb those fees on your behalf.

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Sales advice

Which PC should I go for?

This depends on your budget and type of usage. Our Home/Office range is the entry-level range designed for basic everyday tasks that don't require powerful components. The Multimedia range feature more premium components and will deliver better performance now and in the future. The motherboards feature more upgrade potential for the future, allowing for plenty of RAM and PCI cards to be installed. Our gaming PCs are for high end users that need a lot of power for games and visually depending applications. Every PC can be customised to meet your requirements, most components can be altered when configuring online, including motherboard, PSU, case, hard drive, CPU and much more.

Which computer would you recommend - Intel or AMD based?

Both AMD and Intel offer an outstanding range of CPUs in terms of performance and reliability. We would recommend you choose a model that fits your budget and personal preference, majority of our customers prefer systems with Intel CPUs and NVIDIA graphics card.

I am looking to order bulk quantity, what discount can you offer?

Please contact us for a quote, we can review your requirements.

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For more information about delivery, please view our Delivery page

Warranty & Support

For more information about delivery, please view our Warranty page

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