Evolve M90 Intel NUC Nano PC

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A powerful Intel® Core™ i5 machine inside a tiny chassis, delivering serious everyday performance with little power usage.

  • Intel® Core™ i5 7260U processor
  • 8GB DDR4 2133mhz RAM
  • Ubuntu Operating System
  • Wifi + Bluetooth
  • 4" x 4" dimensions
  • 5 Year Standard Warranty

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  • FREE! UK mainland delivery

Next Big Thing

First introduced in 2013 by Intel as a new small form factor PC known as NUC (Next Unit of Computing), these tiny systems measure just 4"x4" and use ultra low voltage laptop CPUs and SODIMM memory, creating for a silent and very discreet system. This little gem can be easily placed next to your monitor or mounted onto the back of the monitor with the supplied mounting kit, without sacrificing much in terms of desk real estate.

Intel® Core™ i5 CPU

An Intel Core i5 CPU, but this one is very smart and adaptable, as an ultra low-voltage CPU it has a TDP of just 15W but with Intel Turbo technology it will double its frequency when required. As a mobile chip it will not perform at the same level as a desktop counterpart, but it will do this with much less drama and heat generated.

Latest DDR4 RAM

DDR4 is the latest generation of memory, optimized for the latest Intel chipset motherboards, it offers higher frequencies that start at 2133Mhz, greater bandwidth and lower power consumption than DDR3 modules. In terms of real-world performance, there isn’t much difference as the faster frequencies of DDR4 are offset by tighter latencies of DDR3, with no conclusive winner. With future advancements DDR4 will deliver a performance advantage as latencies are reduced and games takes full advantage of the faster frequencies.

Well Connected

Great connectivity comes as standard, wireless and Bluetooth module pre-installed, allowing you to communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth devices and connect to the internet without a cable.

Ubuntu Operating System

Pre-installed at no charge is the latest version of Ubuntu, an open source Operating System launched in 2004, it's the most popular of it's type and has been installed on millions of machines. It comes with everything you would need to work, study or play, with all the essential applications pre-installed and thousands more available to download. It's a very well rounded Linux-based OS that is easy to use and secure, with built-in firewall and virus protection software. We offer the option to remove it from your order or add an alternative Microsoft Windows OS.


More Information
Manufacturer DinoPC
CPU Intel Core i5
Graphics Onboard
Form Factor Nano-ITX
Operating System Ubuntu
Shipping Free UK Mainland
Warranty 5 Year Standard
Assembly Professional Technician Assembly
Testing and QC Multi-point QC inspection and testing
Support Unlimited phone and email
Accessories Included Power cable, Quick start guide, Welcome manual, Drivers and manuals
Packaging Padded multi-layer system
Satisfaction Guarantee 30 day money back
Turnaround 5-15 working days
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£564.00 £470.00
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