Watercooled Gaming PCs

Why choose a Watercooled Gaming PC?

Watercooled Gaming PCs offer elegance for an unbeatable value, these finely crafted specimen will leave you and your friends amazed by the cool and quiet performance along with tidy cable management and RGB LED lighting and they are not just beautiful but their roaring power come unchallenged with top-of-the-line pedigree components.

Which Watercooled Gaming PC is right for me?

Watercooled PCs are all about running silent while looking cool so you will have to put a fair amount in your funds if you are looking to go for one of these systems.

We’ve got PCs ranging from £1k and upwards that are some more powerful configurations to withstand the demanding requirements of most AAA titles. Equipped with Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen Processors majority come with overclocking, thus requiring water cooling in order to keep the temperatures cool. Corsair is the industry leader brand in making quality Liquid Coolers with their H series products but Cooler Master have also put the bar high with their newer version 3 Seidon series Liquid Coolers.

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