Radeon RX Gaming PCs

Why choose a Radeon RX Gaming PC?

AMD's objective when developing the RX range was to cater for the needs of a large range of users, from the eSports 1080p gamer whose goal is to hit 60fps on less demanding, although vastly popular, titles, to the enthusiast who expects enough power to break the barriers of full HD gaming and is not ready to sacrifice in-game detail in favour of playability. The RX range's success has been helped by a clever set of features that are available even on the entry level RX 460, one example is the support for H.264 video streaming, which is clearly aimed at those who want to share their best gaming moments on platforms such as Twitch. Freesync is another interesting feature on offer with the RX family of cards, AMD's own take on adaptive syncronization technology, which helps reducing screen tearing by keeping the refresh rate of the monitor in sync with that of the graphics card. Monitors that support this technology are generally more affordable than those equipped with the competitor's solution, so once again the RX Series cards come out at the top of the "bang for buck" lists.

Which Radeon RX Gaming PC is right for me?

A Gaming PC powered by the RX Series graphics cards is likely to be good value for money as, even with the entry level RX 460, most current titles are playable at decent frame rates without compromising too much on the visuals. We recommend to choose your RX Series graphics cards based on the intended use of the PC. If you are looking for a cost effective solution for eSports at 1080p, you will likely be satisfied by the more modest RX 460, however you should choose a gaming PC with an RX 470 GPU if your favourite games are more demanding and detail rich. The RX 480 is the card of choice for those who would like to play at higher resolutions (Quad HD or even Ultra HD/4K) or those who are looking for a fluid VR experience. If you're on a quest for ultimate Graphics Power or looking to expand on your PC's graphics system down the line, all the cards from the RX family support multi-GPU configurations, AMD's version of which is known as CrossFire, although less and less titles are designed to take full advantage of this kind of setup.

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