AeroCool Project 7 3 x P7 F12 Fans 16.8 Million Colour RGB & P7H1 Hub Kit

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he Project 7 Hub1 (P7-H1) uses software to simultaneously control up to five fans (4-pin or 3-pin) and synchronize all Aerocool RGB products and other RGB 4-pin compatible products. It is also compatible with RGB motherboards including ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte to name a few. The hub additionally supports LED outputs of up to 24 Watts. The P7-F12 blade fins direct airflow to increase air pressure for maximum cooling performance, have reduced air resistance and generate minimal noise thanks to the anti-vibration pads that absorb and dampen vibrations caused by fan rotation in the PC. The fan blades are removable with just a push for easier access to clear dust build up or to individually clean each fan without opening your entire front panel on the PC. The P7-H1 software is compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions. There are multiple ways to install the hub inside the case using either a Velcro strap, screws or zip ties. Up to eight individual hubs (P7-H1) can be connected and identified with the built-in switch board through a single motherboard.
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Manufacturer AeroCool
Manufacturer Part Number ACF3-P710227.01
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