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Custom PC.

Focusing purely on supplying custom PCs directly to our customers, we listen to the market and the feedback and give customers a wide range of components and options that are tried and tested by us, to build the perfect custom PC for anyone's needs. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate custom PC in terms of overall value-for-money and long-term reliability.

Gaming PC.

Our passion is gaming and we are very excited to work in an industry where we can produce gaming PCs that push the performance limits, as well as send out gaming PCs to the front lines, been used in action by game developers, e-sports teams and at gaming events.

Gaming Laptop.

Our range of gaming laptops covers a wide spectrum from highly portable models with 13" screens to full-blown 17" performance gaming laptops. Each laptop is built to order with a range of options available to choose from, all our custom laptops models offer excellent value-for-money.