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About us

By investing in our staff we can give our customers the very best experience

Since our creation in April 2007, we have evolved steadily from our humble beginnings, in an industry that is very competitive and an economy on the decline. We managed to negotiate this jungle to grow into the agile velociraptor that we are today, with support from the tens of thousands of customers that gave us a chance when there are so many options to pick from. We don’t take that goodwill for granted and the new DinoPC is focused purely around the customer, we are listening to all the feedback and are constantly instigating change to improve the all-round customer experience.

After relocation to larger premises in North London in April 2015, this investment increases our production capacity and gives us the room to grow. We have a spacious open plan showroom for you to see and experience some of our machines in the flesh, speak to a friendly tech expert on hand, or just put your feet up and relax in our napping pod whilst your system is being repaired!

To mark our 8th year in business, we have shed our skin and there is now a new logo, with a bold distinctive shape. Alongside it is our new slogan – "Engineered for the Extreme”, to us it’s more than a catchy strap line, it means pushing the boundaries, innovating and being a trend setter and not just a follower. Our recent introduction of the Carnivore Series might not be attainable by all, but it is a testament to our in-house expertise and attention-to-detail, that same pursuit for excellence and pride in our work is filtered down to the rest of our products and services.

We have immense passion for gaming and are keen to support the industry, we’re currently proud sponsors of TCM E-Sports team, giving us an insight into the world of competitive gaming. At the same time we are an exclusive PC supplier to Razer for events, with 30 DinoPC machines powering their double-decker bus, I’m told all of them are still going strong after over a year of competitive gaming!

We're in this for the long haul and believe in helping to sustain the industry and the UK economy by sourcing all our products from official channels, avoiding the cheaper components found on the "grey market”. We have solid partnerships with all the brands we work with, benefitting from supported prices, technical training as well as pre-production samples for testing. We have attained the highest Platinum membership with Intel for the 4th year running, an exclusive club that only a few handfuls of UK companies are a part of, we have achieved this by "demonstrating our ability to develop innovative customer solutions based on Intel products”.

We’re on a mission, to build DinoPC into a leader for performance PCs and to give our customers the best experience and value. We cannot do this without our customers, our staff and our partners, we value all of your support and feedback over the years!

Vladimir Kuznetsov
Managing Director